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Movie Operator
Soft List Produced By NOVO

The reprint report is unnecessary.

DirectShow Audio Converter v6.01(Win2K/XP/VISTA+WMP9 or more+DirectX9 or more)dac601.lzh
DirectShow Audio Converter v3.10(Win98 or more+WMP9 or more+DirectX9 or more)dac310.lzh

Audio Conversion Software
The Audio file is converted into WAV/MP3/WMA by using DirectShow.

AVI2JPG v6.10(Win2K/XP/VISTA+WMP9 or more+DirectX9 or more) avi2jpg610.lzh
AVI2JPG v4.12(Win98 or more+WMP9 or more+DirectX9 or more) avi2jpg412.lzh

Movie Edit
AVI file is read, JPG and BMP are cut out easily, and AVI edit software that can compress AVI again. There is WMV function for creation, too. The Interlaced release function in addition to the trim resize function is installed. The copy function of the stream is installed.

MPG2JPG v6.10(Win2K/XP/VISTA+WMP9 or more)mpg2jpg610.lzh
MPG2JPG v4.12(Win98 or more+WMP9 or more)mpg2jpg412.lzh

Movie Edit
The MPEG2 file is read, JPG and BMP are cut out easily, and the MPEG2 edit software that can be compressed into AVI. The WMV function for creation is installed. The Intaras release function in addition to the trim resize function is installed. It came to be able to make AVI and WMV from VOB only with this software.
However, this software originally made the function to preserve the image and DVD2WMV equipped with only the basic function was made because it had been thought that it became software not used easily from making.

DVD2WMV v6.01(Win2K/XP/VISTA+WMP9 or more)dvd2wmv601.lzh
DVD2WMV v1.21(Win98 or more+WMP9 or more)dvd2wmv121.lzh

Movie Conversion
MPG2JPG developed, and the Movie making introduction software for a super-beginner who installed only the basic function was made for the beginner because it had become software not used easily. It would be greatly appreciated if becoming introductory software of the Movie making.

Movie Operator v6.02(Win2K/XP/VISTA+WMP9 or more)movieoperator602.zh
AVI Operator+ v2.20(Win98 or more+WMP9 or more)avioperator220.lzh

It is possible to unite, to cut out, to connect, and to extract it by copying it without compressing AVI stream again. The union, cutting out, connection, and the extraction of WMV are installed. The union, cutting out, and the extraction of FLV are installed.

JPG2AVI v6.10(Win2K/XP/VISTA+WMP9 or more) jpg2avi610.lzh
JPG2AVI v3.21(Win98 or more+WMP9 or more) jpg2avi321.lzh

Movie Create
Movie is made from a continuous image.